Do you know why you think and act the way you do ?

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Wake Up, Stand UP, Honor Yourself!


What if tomorrow when you wake up everything has changed?

What would it be?


Do this exercise tonight... go to sleep and the very last thought before falling asleep must be this: "Tomorrow morning, I will wake up and everything will have changed!".


And then come back to this page to read more ...

YES, everything can change in your brain!

Your brain is a machine that implements only what is in your memory, no more no less!  The design is already done!

The good news is that you can modify its design!

What did you dream of last night?

What was the first image that appeared to you when you woke up?

A different life, a dream, a feeling of well-being?

And today you cannot start the process of this life ...

Let me guess, that is what you deeply think!

What if I told you that you can access this life with a strong intention and a working protocol !

Would you believe me?

Would you go for it ?

I would !

But what is an intention?


But before we get to it, let's talk about your brain.


Your brain works like a computer with a memory  containing a program which controls and manages your life.

Everything in it generates what you are, what you think, what you do or don't do. Many of your behaviors are automatic.

In summary, the way your life goes is related to what is in your brain!

The repetitive events that happen, what you believe ... your emotions.


Everything, absolutely everything is the result of this program developed by your neurons since your conception.



Neuroscience research over the past 20 years has allowed us to understand this phenomenon. Our nervous system is made up of cells called neurons capable of constantly recreating themselves. They evolve by their ability to develop new connections between them and thus allow us to evolve and change.

This phenomenon is called "brain plasticity".





If you recognise yourself in one of the description below

The ERS Method of "Mental Reprogramming" is what you need!


















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You are in bad shape, in emotional and mental suffering.  You  are a potential victim of burnout.  You are depressed and you can no longer recover and react to events in your life or attacks by others. You are no longer control your overflowing emotions. You are on edge and feel distant from yourself. You are aware that a change is imperative


You constantly doubt everything, lack self-confidence, and have low self-esteem.

You have trouble imagining a positive future and you are fatalistic


You reiterate romantic failures and /or

professionals failures and no longer can overcome them.

The shell cracks.


You feel blocked by fear and you do not dare to act and make decisions, engage in your private and /or professional life because you think you are not up to the task and think you could be a victim of the impostor syndrome.


You have a negative image of yourself, you cultivate negative beliefs about yourself and you sink into permanent negativism. You are animated by anger or guilt.


You are a perfectionist, you procrastinate and ultimately you never take action. You cannot concentrate and discipline yourself.

You start a project, a job or a routine that you give up immediately after.


You accumulate financial problems and you think that "winning / succeeding" is not for you.

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Working with Me



I propose personal sessions designed to help you get unstuck and get moving in the direction of your authentic SELF. 

My work is all about getting you hooked up to this powerful resource, YOUR BRAIN, so you can take needed action to live your most authentic life and fulfill your purpose.

The result is an amazing confidence that helps you move forward with what I like to call YOUR REAL SELF.

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Erase & Rebuild for SUCCESS (ERS) is a method that will help you to rewire your brain.  It is based on years of research, practice and results with my patients


ERS is a method based on neuropsychology, cognitive and behavioural therapies.


ERS is a method designed to change the closed circle of your mind composed of repetitive thoughts, behaviours from your brain "software" that constantly project pitfalls and brakes to evolution.


Custom protocols are proposed that allow your brain to change.

The only requirements for this method:



Book your first session here and now!


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"With me, things are going so great, thanks to your help! :-)

Thank you very much !

I had a successful flight on vacation and also my parents' meeting!

I'm not afraid at all!

I can manage everything!"


I successfully completed my online studies thanks to your help!

Everything smiles at me today thanks to the work we did together on

my self-confidence and my story. I resolve the crisis with my wife

and we are together again!I see now another  future.

I'm finally happy