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Erase&Rebuild for Success

Dominique Van Acker

Libérez votre puissance d'action

Wake Up, Stand Up,       Honor Yourself

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Challenge : 30 days to be happy!



Can everyone get happy?


Do we just have to want it?


An ingredient is essential:


which goes beyond the will!


It will promote the path to get there but not only!


Everything is written in your story but nothing is definitively fixed.

This challenge will lead you on the path of discovering yourself and what will allow you to be happy!


Conditions of participation:

  • Your motivation

  • The strength of your intention

  • Your total commitment


  • Access to the private group which will allow you to follow the lives and ask your questions

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Do not stay alone with your fear or negative state of mind! I can help you to stay alert and constructive.
30 min

Coaching or Psychological support during difficult times


Don't isolate yourself with your fears or your negative state of mind! Talk!

I can help you stay alert and constructive during a difficult lifetime 

Who is Dominique?


Dominique Van Acker was born in Belgium.  She is a 25 years experienced entrepreneur, psychologist, public speaker and a professional registered trainer.  

She is a "Story Cleaner", a "Mindset Transformer" and a "Mental Reprogrammer".

Her challenge: to help you first navigate through your story to unlock what is holding you back and to free you from fear that keeps you from moving forward.

Your story is like  a "software" containing everything that generates who you are now .  In some cases, it requires an "update" to move forward and evolve. This step is essential to make a fresh start in life.

Her real mission begins when you decide to act, to find back your self confidence, your faith and your trust in life.  

She will fight shoulder to shoulder with you to build your mission and to open your new journey.


Her passion: Wake you up, help you to stand up and honor yourself... help you to unleash your power of action ! 

Mental Reprogramming session

Imagine your dream...a meaningful life full of happiness, love.

Imagine who you could  become...

Confident, feeling safe, successful, enjoying life with a beautiful family...

If you change the way you think  and behave, this journey will be yours.

Grab this opportunity before it expires ... 


"Find my Life Mission/Purpose"

Finding your life mission and purpose  will give meaning to your life!

Learn More





Are we really aware of who we are? Changing our reality is the ultimate step towards inner 

harmony, happiness and success! 

Let us quote Pindare : "Become who you are when you have learned it".

Let me learn you ...  Let me help you to wake up and start your life, the real one! No longer find excuses to justify your inaction!


LPA live in Paris

Action releases , Action vivifies, Action rewards!


Paris Conference

The "Mental Reprogrammer" 

You are entering a new period of your life and you are looking for a new professional activity. Beside the fact that personal and mind development attracts you, you like to serve.  This new job is for you!

"Mental Reprogramming" is a new path to lasting change and inner peace.


The "mental reprogrammer" participates in inner liberation and leads others on the path to happiness and success in their lives.


You want to know more, click on the button below 



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Hight Consciousness Academy

"How to clean my story to open my new journey with faith and trust ?"

(First part)

Advanced online growth & personal development program for all those who feel stuck in their life and  find excuses to justify their inaction. How to clean your story to create your new life, initiate change to success,  become aware of who you are to let your dreams come true!


Hight Consciousness Academy

"Mental Reprogrammer"

Professional Certified Training Basic 1

Basic1 is an online training for anyone interested in practicing an aid profession in the growth and personal development.

Mental reprogramming is a technique (ERS) used to clean up the past story of which certain unconscious aspects prevent the blooming  and the growth in life.


Hight Vitality Academy

Advanced online  personal development & lifestyle/vitality program.

How to fix my lifestyle and longterm brain/body/mind/

consciousness balance and vitality to prepare myself for my high optimal conscious life.

Being assiduous to motivational conferences, I was stuck by the energy and strength of Dominique! To consume unconditionally...

Marc, journalist, writer

Name, Title

A passion for the world ... inspiring, charismatic!



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