Erase - Rebuild

for Success

How to access the life you want ?

Do you want to free yourself from being stuck ?

Do you feel exhausted from not achieving happiness and success?

  You feel inside these desires for change

You see this life that you aspire to looming

You touch it with your fingertips

You may have already tasted it


but it is still inaccessible...


You hear your inner voice

that says to you that to access it,

you have to make decisions and act


Imagine this new life, free!

The time has come to make decisions and act!


The time has come to clean up your story!


Erase & Rebuild for Success

is a method that enables you to modify your story, modify the parts that block you or prevent you from evolving.


Make a commitment to yourself !

The commitment to succeed and become free...


Erase & Rebuild for Success 

a method to transform your life...


Dominique's story

Dominique Van Acker was born in Belgium.  She has a Master's degree in Psychology, she is coach/consultant, speaker and writer. She is also an entrepreneur.

Her challenge: to help you navigate through your story and clean it up.

Your story is a form of programme that in some cases requires a "reset" to permit evolution. This step is essential to make a new start in life!

Dominique helps you to rebuild your story, one to which you are deeply connected.

Her mission begins when you feel locked up in yourself, lost and confused, when blockages, excuses, brakes prevent you from achieving happiness and success.


Her passion: helping people to find their way, to connect to themselves deeply to enable them to realize their lives!

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Features programm


Advanced online growth & personal development program for all those who feel stuck in their life and  find excuses to justify their inaction. How to clean your story to create your new life, initiate change to success and make your dreams come true!


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Advanced online  personal development & lifestyle/vitality program.

How to fix my lifestyle and longterm brain/body/mind/consciousness balance

and vitality to support my dreams and my high performance life.

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Growth & personal developmentprogram.

Are we really aware of who we are ? Changing our reality is the ultimate step towards inner 

harmony, happiness and success! 

Let us quote Pindar: "Become who you are when you have learned it".

Let me learn you ...  Let me help you to wake up and start your life, the real one !

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   Your new book ! 


Are we really aware of who we are ?


Our unconscious is part of our personality. It reminds us regularly how far we can be from ourselves through signs that are generally not understood or even spotted.

Failures are repeated, fears appear, diseases and misunderstood scenarios are perpetuated in time ...   Many people think that it is simply their "reality" and that they can only endure it.  This resignation will become their fatality. Some live their dreams, others do not. Why ?

Let us quote Pindar: "Become who you are when you have learned it".

The purpose of this book is to help you to remove your masks in order to reach your deepest reality, the heart of your potential.

Changing our reality is the ultimate step towards inner harmony. Happiness !

The "ERS ©: Erase, Rebuild / Reconnect" system is a revolutionary simple method to reconnect us to our CORE without dragging on in the past. ERS is a tool of present time! The deep personality who knows neither fear nor stress, evolves in the present, it is what we have the most natural and immutable in the world, it is the feeling, the intuitive being, the emotion and the spontaneity.





Changing our reality is the ultimate step towards inner harmony, happiness and success !

Our reality is our programming that is part of our story.

This event will help you to find YOU, to change your programming

to free yourself,  to allow you  to reach your dreams and act!