Erase - Rebuild

for Success




It is what you are. It attracts what you are!

But, what do your story attract ?

Success or failure ?

Action or  excuses ?


You want to  free yourself?


You want to clean up and clarify your story, get rid of what is negative and destructive and  transform you journey in success ?


Your story is borrowed from other people’s history, people who have been part of your life from your conception to today.



I propose you to follow me on my channel to understand and act for you!


What does my channel contain?



Monthly videos or live videos in my private FB community useful to understand why some aspects of your life do not evolve, why you stay stuck ...

Topics as varied as :

  • how to evolve sustainably

  • how to understand my story

  • how to get rid of my blockages

  • how to motivate myself

  • how to initiate changes in my life to become happy

  • how to create new positive habits ...

You want to start a profound work of radical change, go to my online training page!