Erase - Rebuild

for Success

Dominique was born in Belgium.  Already at a young and because  of a lonely and loveless childhood, Dominique defended naturally weaker children.  By the age of 6, she took her first big decision to avoid unfairness ! She wasn't aware she was strong.  At 8, she took another big decision to save her from adversity.  At 12, she discovered her leadership skills by leading others.  At 18, she left home,  she became autonomous and responsible. She did several small jobs to pay her studies. But at that time, she had a lack of confidence, no support and  felt so lonely. After 2 years , she met a friend who told her: "You are an exceptional and talented woman. You can do whatever you want".


And that day, I decided to plan my life and to act.  I was strong inside, very energetic but I didn't know which direction was best for me.  At the same time, I continued my studies and graduated from 2 different schools.


Suddenly, I woke up.   I became  what I was inside: a person with potential, courage and strengths, like you!   I got a first job very easily because I specified in my resume that I was a woman who was able to get results! Later, opportunities followed one after another because I had changed my state of mind, I believed in myself again!  I set up my plan and my own company that lasted 10 years and I became millionaire. Then the Golf crisis arrived, and took everything away  from me.  I was ready to start again. And I did ! Later,  I decided to do what I'm best at : helping others to reach their dreams and go forward by cleaning up their past story. So I  did the Master's degree in Psychology in Paris VIII University.


Behind the scene, I'm just  a loving, energetic, spontaneous, soldierly and fearless human with an infinite potential and a mission.  I never give up, I believe in myself, I'm deeply connected to myself.

I was and I'm still ready to work hard to reach the dreams!of my list!   I had an opportunity to wake up, and I took it ! So I'm here to give you the same opportunity to wake up and achieve what you dream of, to stand up and be as happy as successful you want to be.


At the end , what matters the most for me is  what I can do for You.

My passion is to challenge you like I challenged myself !

It's my Mission !

I love you !